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Silk Care2017-06-02T05:57:43+00:00

Wash precaution:
• Always wash silks in soft water. Add a pinch of Borax or Ammonia, if the water is hard.
• Use a good neutral soap.
• Light detergent may also be used in the case of hard water.
• Always dry flat, in shades.
Precautions during Ironing
• Use low medium heat – 148C (298.4F)
• Never spray water to dampen silk before ironing.
• Silk should always be ironed on the reverse side if still damp.
Storage of Silk products
• Store in cool and dry place in brown craft paper covers.
• Hang the silk products in good ventilated wardrobe or cupboard.
• Use anti-mildew compound spray.
• Plastic bags given as package material after laundering or purchase should not be used for storage.