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Muga – The Golden Thread

Known as the golden thread, Muga is a fabric that is produced only in Assam. What emerges from a cocoon of a silkworm reared only in Assam is a magnificent golden fabric that has adorned the wardrobes of the people of Assam since the pre-historic times. Its unbeatable grace , luster, suppleness, light weight, durability, tenacity, etc. put the Muga silk high on a pedestal desired by the whole world and has gained the reputation of being called ‘the queen of threads’.



• The all season silk :- This unique silk keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather.
• The all colour silk :- Original Muga cannot be dyed. It not only retain its shining golden colour for ages, the luster of the fabric remains the same even after repeated washes.
• The smooth and soft silk :- Unlike many synthetic fibers, the texture is soft and smooth but not slippery.
• The strong silk :- The tensile strength of the silk is exceptionally strong-having a breaking strength of 65,000 lbs/sq.inch.
• The sunscreen silk :- The Muga silk has inherent UV absorption properties that help in protection against the sunrays.
• The silk of the generations: – The Muga silk often outlives its owners, and is passed on from one generation to another as fresh as new.


The great thing about this magnificent silk is that it goes beyond gracing not only the fashion Industry but also embellishes your home in the form of carpets, furnishing applications, curtains, drapers, cushion covers and sofa covers. It is used for upholstery, wall covering, window treatments (if blended with another fiber), rugs, bedding and wall hangings.

It is said that Muga Silk is old as the dinosaurs and hence has garnered the position of highly sought after around the world. The state of Assam is a habit to a breed of tiny green and yellow worms highly sensitive in nature the builds the backbone of Assam economy and is responsible for tremendously potent Muga industry. This tiny worm is called Muga (Antherea Assamensis) that evolves through four phases to give the state the dazzling golden fabric that forms the sophisticated attires of the Assamese community.

Eri – The Ahimsa Silk

Eri silk comes from the caterpillar of Samia Cynthia ricini, found in northeast India. The name “Eri” is derived from the Assamese word “era”, which means “castor”, as the silkworm feeds on castor plant. Eri silk is also known as endi or errand in India. The woolly white silk is often referred to as the fabric of peace when it is processed without killing the silkworm. This process results in a silk called ahimsa silk. Moths leave the cocoons and then the cocoons are harvested to be spun.
A unique feature of the products made from this silk is that they are slightly coarse in the beginning, but become soft and smooth after regular use. The silk comes in a variety of colours, like cream, gold, brown and beige. Its porous quality and thermal nature makes it ideal for use in both summers and winters.