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Our Objective

Assam has a rich tradition of weaving in handloom since time immemorial, and The Golden Threads of Assam is a mission to preserve and promote Assam’s spun gold – Muga. It is an initiative to promote this timeless silk in the golden arena by taking Muga from the looms to the ramp and from the ramp to the world. It is also an effort to protect the Muga culture undiluted and its purity – by ensuring that the undiluted pure fabric is produced and male available to all. Therefore, “The Golden Threads of Assam” open a portal to the world of amazing creation in the rarest of silk. Renowned for its rarity, durability and golden hue, Muga is today fighting a silent battle to survive the effects of global climatic changes and other external factors. This golden legacy gifted to Assam by Mother Nature herself is being threatened by artificial silk promoters and is almost on the abyss of extinction. The Golden Threads of Assam is highly motivated towards working for the upliftment of the people involved in Muga cultivation and production. We have endeavored to preserve and revive this timeless spun gold and present its regal status to the world. It’s the time the world will see the magnificent of Muga . We aim to unveil the glory and untold story of the royal and the regal woven gold of Assam. Golden Threads also aims to popularize another silk of Assam, which has been creating waves all over the world. Eri Silk :- The Eri silk, widely known as the Ahimsa silk due to its unique way of rearing the cocoons in another feather to the silk fraternity of Assam.

Our Mission

Golden Threads is working to help the weavers & rearers of this silk maintain their unique identity by:

• Promoting their value added design so as to increase the acceptance of Muga products throughout the world.
• Giving them financial and technical assistance.
• Skill development through regular training and workshops.
• To enforce a regulated market so that the producers of this silk are not exploited.
• Empowerment of women in the rural and urban areas through sericulture and other handloom activities.