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Conceptualized as part of Pride East Entertainment Pvt. Ltd’s Corporate Social Activity (CSR) activity, ‘The Golden Threads of Assam’ is an effort to take Muga — Assam’s pristine golden silk — to a bigger and global world.

‘The Golden Threads of Assam’ was officially launched at a glittering ceremony at the Vivanta by Taj in Guwahati on Oct 19, 2016, with the objective of not only promoting Muga but also saving it from the onslaught of global climatic changes, other external factors as well as from promoters of artificial silk. Luxurious creations in Muga lit up the show as they offered an ode to the weavers of Assam. Beautiful Muga apparels and costumes designed by Samant Chauhan took fashionistas by storm as the golden silk ruled the ramp.

That was the beginning. And the journey continues with the motto to revive the Muga silk industry of Assam and to take the pure and pristine woven gold to all the nook and corners of the world.

Golden Threads is committed to working towards helping weavers & rearers so as to ensure that Muga maintains its unique and special identity and carves a niche for itself in the international fashion circuit.

Golden Threads also aims to popularize Eri silk which has also been creating ripples all over the world.